Bringing the light of the literary and cultural world to children

The Team

Lit Lantern Society is the combined effort of three individuals who attribute their passion for literature and culture to what they were exposed to while they were growing up. All three found a connect in the enriching experiences of literature, culture, theatre, books, music, dance et all and all three value the monumental impact these experiences had on them during their formative years. They now are striving to bring the same joy and enrichment to children in and around Vizag.

Sandhya Godey

A scientific manager (B.Sc, MBA) Sandhya is the founder of “Speaking Chalk”, a 50 member voluntary effort to teach life skills and spoken English to underprivileged children. She is the winner of Eastern Bhoomika Iconic Woman’s award (2018)and has been the chairperson of the Waltair club ladies committee for two years. She is also the secretary for the Women’s wing of Visakhapatnam Chamber of Commerce.

Priya GopalaKrishnan

A retailer by profession and a storyteller by passion, Priya has been trained in storytelling at Kathalaya International Academy of Storytelling, Bangalore. For more than two years now, she has been engaging children in various activities like storytelling, creative writing as well as educating on sensitive topics through Young Indians and Just Books.

Sonal Sarda

An engineer by profession (B.E./M.S.) Sonal has been a program manager at Microsoft, Seattle and a Project Manager at Persistent Systems, Nagpur. She is the proprietor for WhizB, VocaBOOM, a six-year old 9- month vocabulary development program for children. An avid reader and highly passionate about the written word, she is the charter President for the Visakhapatnam Women’s Wing of Chamber of Commerce.