Birds of a feather

'The Adventures of Tara' – A play by Birds of a Feather
Opening Act by Monica Santos

Adventures of Tara

The Adventures Of Tara

22nd January 2023, Sunday, 4 PM – 05:30 PM

Scripted, Directed and Produced by Tansy Troy

Percussion by Pranshu Chatur Lal

Musical Arrangements by Tansy Troy (vocal), Pranshu Chatur Lal (percussion) and Vivek Santhosh (keyboard)


Company of Birds of a Feather (in order of appearance):

Mother Crow: Vedangi Dev

Baby Tara: Dasel Troy-Norbu

Ahdraj, the Half Boy: Abhiveer Verma

Cooee: Niyate Gupta

The Catcher: Rajanya Roy

Tabla, Cajon and additional percussion: Pranshu Chatur Lal

Vocal score: Tansy Troy


The Adventures of Tara is an original participatory musical production for young people written by Tansy Troy with musical arrangements by Pranshu Chatur Lal.

Tara’s message is one of the urgent need for environmental conservation at this critical moment on Planet Earth.

Tara premiered at Triveni Kala Sangam in July, 2022.  Since then, ‘The Adventures of Tara’ has performed at Ranga Shankara in Bangalore and with Kukdukoo Festival at Gurgoan, Noida and Jaipur.  An interactive performance involving a cast of over 100 students was staged in Rohtak, Haryana in November 2022.

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Registrations begin 1st January 2023

For registration visit Tanishq Showroom, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam
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